Now that we have the time…

As we are rolling through very rare and difficult times, some of us alone in their homes, some others with their family (and I don’t know which is better or worse), most of us have already found alternative ways to ease their weird feeling of social distancing. Up until now, I think I’m one of those, as well.

I might say, I’m somewhat enjoying this confinement in a weird way (yet in this 19 days of lock-up) as I have always been good at entertaining myself both when I was a kid (as my mom used to say) and now as an adult (now I find out). In fact I even thought I need to collect myself, because from time to time, I find myself quite distracted between all the things I have wanted to fulfill since a veeery long time.

Writing a blog post like this one, for instance, was just one of them. However there are plenty more. As some of you might already know, I’ve just released an album this past January (2020). Honestly, i’m not bragging about it but I made this album myself, from tip to toe, the entire song writing, singing, lyrics, mixing, mastering etc. And finally, even the music video. In fact, the main point here that I need to mention is I have done all these, not in a studio elsewhere but at home, on my iPad. Yes, it’s doable as long as you keep the quality not at the top but at a medium level.

There are many other things that can be done when locked-up in a house. Reading books, learning/practicing a language, painting, learning things etc. For instance, I’m learning drawing techniques, making animations, usings apps like procreate for drawings and animation, affinity designer for creating vector images and editing, lumafusion for videos (keep in mind that I am on an ipad) etc. Certainly I have underlying thoughts on doing so. I made this last video of Aptal Insan using certain applications (please see post for details) but for further music video projects, I don’t want to repeat myself, in the name of being more productive and creative (please don’t hesitate to comment ideas, apps etc. for this purpose). So I feel kind of obliged to explore more and more.

As human-beings, we are all so ready to complain about things… anything. Yet let’s not take this time as the end of the world, and let’s forget apocaliptic thoughts, scatter away the dark clouds floating over our heads. We don’t know how long we will have to keep living like this. But instead, see it as an oportunity to discover more about yourself, learn new stuff and flourish. Remember, up until a very short while ago, we were complaining about not having enough time to spare for our own selves. There we have it now.


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