I decided to learn more about drawing doodles and zentangles by watching YouTube videos and even for more detailed education subscribing to SkillShare. You will find my illustrations below.

My illustrations

Black & White Zentangles

I tend to draw these zentangle illustrations on several stages. After finishing the basics, I add shadows and until this stage everything is in black and white. On this section you will find only the black and white zentangles.

Colored Illustrations

After I complete the black and white drawing and shadow, I pass on to do the coloring. On this section you will find only the colored zentangles or doodles (however you want to call them).

Fatima’s Hand (Khamsah) Zentangle: Speed Drawing
Self Portrait Zentangle: Speed Drawing
Shahmaran Zentangle: Speed Drawing

Apart from my music that I share on my artist channel on YouTube, I’ve also started (as a separate playlist) videos of my doodling process on Procreate (iPad). Here is the link if you would like to see more videos.